30 minute exercise - random subject word: dirt

It is June and I am wearing all black again. Not as a statement of fashion but as a symbol of mourning. I am counting again so I do not cry. There are three shovels here. There are three shovels and 129 people and 45 trees and a placeholder for a stone. I stand here now knowing what the value of dirt is. It is a place we can grow things in and it is a material we can build things with and it is also where we are putting you now. This dirt is teaching me what it means to bury your friend before you both could build a family. This dirt is not my friend but it is holding my friend now, which means the dirt and I have shared a deep bond, and I will have to learn how to like it when I come to this place again, and we will hold him together, and we will love him together, and we will be there for each other, this dirt and I, we will dig into this sad until we can be okay again.

& when the day faded,

as dark as this had become

i knew

i knew

i knew

i had turned field of daisies;

all wild-hearted and free, 


and beaming  


& i agriculture this danger,

this danger of self-love,

i grow and grow and grow  

i am all the seeds

i am all the rain

i am all the light

good morning everybody

today you will be

mother to Dance

your feet will become Provider  

your hands, Healer

it’s time to birth that Beat

and i can see the way you shimmy all Maternal,

all Protector,

like you got mouths to feed with this drop  

like this hook right here bout to pay the electric bill  

let us build our families from this Groove

let us start our lives with this Rhythm

let it all start with you

and your hips

and this love  




“if you got it, flaunt it”


if you don’t got it, flaunt it anyway

if you got some of this n some of that

flaunt it, babe

if you want it, flaunt it

if you aren’t feelin 100%, flaunt half of it

if anyone tells you not to flaunt it

flaunt it ten times as much

destroy the idea that you gotta

have somethin a certain way

to brag about it

show it all off if you wanna

throw it around if you wanna

flaunt it all if you wanna

there is no incorrect way to love yourself





get low

get lower


lowest of the low

feel the lowest

get down, mama

way down

be a downer  

call your Lowdown by its name

it is your dance floor now  

get on up, now

move, honey

shake it away  

step it gone

you can groove to the beat of your own sad

if you gotta, 

as long as you keep dancin